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How to go on a voyage for the first time?

Як піти в рейс перший раз

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Going on a sea voyage with no previous employment experience and immediately receiving a favorable offer is the dream of most future seafarers. They look forward to the future and already envision their first job. However, before realizing this dream, an important question arises: is it possible to go on a voyage without previous work experience and get a good income?

It should be emphasized that it is much easier for experienced seafarers to find a job, as employers are looking for professionals who are able to perform their duties effectively. Experience plays a significant role in this context. But you should not give up your dream prematurely. Even the most experienced seafarers have at one time or another embarked on a sea voyage for the first time and faced the same challenges that you face.

10 tips for a seafarer who wants to go on a voyage:

1. invest in your education.

Consider getting an education in the maritime field, such as going to a maritime university or school. You can study navigation, shipbuilding, maritime safety and other related subjects. Additional education and specialties will give you more of an advantage when choosing a job candidate. But the biggest advantage of you as a candidate is good English. So English courses are a must if you dream of a maritime career. 

2. Get a medical certificate.

Get a medical examination and make sure that you are physically fit to work at sea. 

3. Complete safety courses.

Be trained in maritime safety rules and standards, including knowledge of evacuation procedures and fire protection. Always adhere to maritime safety rules and standards. Safety at sea is of paramount importance.

4. Work on teamwork skills.

Teamwork skills are a key aspect of maritime work. Learn how to interact with coworkers and resolve conflicts.

5. Training and Experience.

Try starting with small positions or a practical internship on a ship to gain experience in a maritime environment. This will help you settle in, gain seniority and qualify for a higher position.

6. Gather the necessary documents.

Make sure you have the necessary maritime documents such as a maritime passport, sea book, certificates and licenses depending on your specialty. Avant Seafarer Training Center can help you with the paperwork. Our company has many years of experience in solving such issues. 

7. Prepare yourself for life at sea.

Keep in good physical shape. Keep in mind that maritime work requires you to be ready for long periods of sailing and working in different climatic conditions.

8. Job Search.

Look for employers or crewing companies that provide jobs for seafarers. Prepare a resume, cover letter, and begin actively looking for work.

9. Be persistent.

Finding a maritime job can be a competitive task, so be persistent and prepared to send out many applications and get interviews.

10. Prepare for a voyage.

When you have a job offer, prepare for the voyage by packing the necessary items and checking equipment and safety before you set sail.

It is important to remember that a maritime career requires you to be highly committed, ready for long periods of sailing and working in difficult conditions. Patience, effort and dedication to the maritime profession will pay off and you will soon become a qualified seafarer. 

If you have any difficulties with registration of maritime documents and certificates, please contact the Seafarers Training Center “Avant” by leaving an application on the website or by mail [email protected] or by phone +38 (048) 701-37-60. The staff of the company will advise you on any question you may have.