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Seafarer e-room

Електронний кабінет моряка

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Seafarer’s e-room is a specialized online platform or system designed for seafarers to manage their professional documents, certificates and other important information related to their career in the maritime industry. The personal account is available only one per user, as when you register you provide your passport number and series, identification code and phone number. All data is verified and only then will the functions of the e-cabinet be available. All documents in the personal cabinet of the seafarer have full legal force and are equal to the original ones, which allows you not to take original documents with you.

List of required documents for registration:

  • Ukrainian citizen’s passport;
  • identification code;
  • electronic key, which can be obtained in any bank.

Why do I need an electronic seafarer’s e-room?

The seafarer’s electronic room has several purposes and purposes that contribute to the convenience and efficiency of the seafarer’s work, as well as facilitating communication and information exchange between the seafarer and the employer. The seafarer’s electronic office has a wide range of functionality and provides:

  1. centralized access to all documents in electronic form (passport, IPN, foreign passport, medical insurance, service record books, educational diplomas, certificates, etc.);
  2. possibility to submit documents for verification, to confirm the received length of service;
  3. possibility to issue a seafarer’s record book, work diploma with confirmation, apply for the GCC examination, seafarer’s passport, etc..;
  4. possibility to pay for state services;
  5. access to all submitted applications for documents, refresher courses, application for GCC exam, adding seniority, etc.;
  6. notifications on the status of your applications and documents, valid certificate terms are available;
  7. you can update your personal data in the electronic cabinet, which allows you to ensure that your information is up-to-date and simplifies communication with your employer;
  8. by means of QR code you can check the legitimacy of certificates and issued documents;
  9. possibility to download the documents and use them in the offline mode;
  10. remote access to documents.

How do I get access to the electronic seafarer’s account?

To access the electronic Seafarer’s Office, you need to go through the following steps:

  1.  go to the website or download and install the “Seafarer’s Cabinet” application on Android or iOS platform; 
  2.  registration – your personal data will be required: Full name, phone number, date of birth, e-mail address, screenshots of passport, code and other documents;
  3.  authorization – after confirming your application and checking the correctness of the entered data, you will receive a notification with login and password to enter the system, authorize;
  4.  upload the necessary documents to the cabinet. All the functionality of the application is available to you.

Who can add documents to the Seafarer’s Electronic Office?

Documents can be added to the Seafarer’s e-room by various parties and persons related to maritime work and personnel management on the ship. These can be:

  • Employer. 

An employer can add documents to your electronic seafarer’s office related to your maritime service, such as contracts, voyage orders, work reports, shift schedules, and other documents necessary for your work on the ship.

  • Seafarer Recruitment Agency.

If you got a job on a ship through a maritime recruitment agency, they can also add documents related to your employment and work on the ship to your electronic account.

  • Yourself.

In some cases, you may also have the ability to add certain documents to your seafarer e-room, such as copies of documents, certificates and testimonials, as needed to verify your qualifications and seafarer status.

If you have any difficulties or questions regarding access to the electronic seafarer’s cabinet, please contact the specialists of the Avant Seafarers Training Center. 

Our employees are always ready to help you to register and set up the electronic seafarer’s cabinet, as well as to issue all the necessary documents for sailing. Contact our manager through the contact form or by phone +38 (048) 701-37-60, or by mail: [email protected].