Certificate verification

Certificate verification

Certificates issued by the AVANT Seafarers Training Center can be checked for authenticity at any time.

Each certificate has a unique QR code, which, when checked online, will show the authenticity of the certificate.


Who needs a working seafarer’s diploma?


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A seafarer’s working diploma is an important document that certifies the competence of seafarers and confirms their eligibility to serve on a ship in a particular position. Depending on international standards such as the International Convention on Standards of Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) or on the country, working diplomas may have different titles and requirements.

The working diploma contains information about the seafarer’s duty stations (voyages, rank, position, ship names, specialization, etc.). It is a mandatory document for going to sea on any vessel. 

This document also confirms the acquisition of relevant knowledge and experience, and allows the seafarer to occupy a certain position. 

Therefore, the stage of training and practical training is mandatory for every seafarer. 

In the seafarers’ training center “Avant”, experienced teachers provide all the necessary information. The courses are designed for both newcomers in the maritime business and experienced seafarers when changing their specialty. In order to renew the working diploma in case of lack of experience, a seafarer should take retraining courses.

What are the types of working seaman’s certificate?

There are the following types of certificates:

  1. Certificate of Proficiency – a specialist certificate authorizing a seafarer to hold a non-conventional type of specialty.
  2. Certificate of Competency – the working diploma itself. It authorizes to occupy the corresponding position according to STCW-95.
  3. Endorsement – an endorsement to the diploma. It certifies the acquisition of specialized knowledge and experience by a maritime specialist. It is renewed every five years. 

The process of obtaining a working diploma

The sequence of actions for the registration of a working diploma of a seafarer is conditionally divided into the following stages:

  1. Education and training

Completion of training related to maritime specialties is required. This may be higher or secondary vocational education specialized in maritime navigation, engineering, radio communications, etc. Some countries also require specialized training and courses to meet STCW requirements.

  1. Accumulation of practical experience

Often a certain amount of maritime experience is required before applying for a working diploma. Maritime experience can be gained through practicing on ships, internships, or working in the maritime industry.

  1. Passing the CES test or verification of seniority

If a maritime professional first obtains a working diploma in the specialty, he/she must successfully pass the CES test. If an extension of the working diploma is required, verification of experience is made in the seafarer’s record. 

  1. Application and issuance of the diploma

After fulfilling the necessary requirements and passing the examinations, the seafarer can apply for a working diploma at the appropriate maritime administration.

The issuance of a working diploma requires the preparation and submission of a certain set of documents. Current changes in legislation have made this process more complicated, so many people use the services of specialists of the Avant Center. 

We help you formalize the necessary documents so that you can start working on the ship. Contact us in any convenient way!

What documents do I need to obtain a working diploma?

To obtain a working seaman’s diploma in Odessa, certain documents are required to prove your qualifications, education, and maritime eligibility. 

Here are some of the basic documents that may be required:

  • Ukrainian passport;
  • Certificate of Passage (CES): obtained by successfully passing the CES test;
  • Diploma of Education;
  • Certificates of completion of training;
  • Seafarer’s passport;
  • Certificate from educational institution (for cadets);
  • 3 photos, size 3,5×4,5. 

Seafarers Training Center “AVANT” provides support and advice on the process of diplomination of maritime specialists in Ukraine. 

Our company helps in drawing up documents and following the procedure in Maritime Administrations. 

If you have difficulties at any stage of registration of maritime documents and certificates, contact our specialists by phone +380487013760, mail info@avant.od.ua or leave a request on the site. 

Our managers will help you to solve any issue.