2.5 Procedures and response to possible threats

The Ship Security Plan must include procedures and responses to possible threats.  These procedures might include the following actions:

  • securing all access to the ship to prevent intrusion.
  • performing emergency shutdown of main engine(s) to prevent unauthorized operation.
  • securing non-critical operations to focus attention on response.
  • alerting ship and shore-side authorities of an incident.
  • rendering assistance to a nearby ship undergoing an unlawful act that threatens its security.
  • responding to the detection of stowaways or intruders.
  • repelling boarders.
  • addressing a malfunction of on board security equipment.
  • screening the underwater hull or search the ship in response to bomb threats.
  • specifying the kind of communications to use in the event of a breach of security, an unlawful act, or other emergency.
  • coordinating with waterfront facility response procedures.