3.3 Ship Security Officer

A Ship Security Officer is the designated officer onboard, with responsibility for the security of the ship, including implementation and maintenance of the Ship Security Plan. His/her duties include:

  • regular security inspections of the ship;
  • implementing, maintaining, and supervising the Ship Security Plan;
  • proposing modifications to the Ship Security Plan;
  • enhancing security awareness and vigilance on board;
  • ensuring that adequate training has been provided to ship’s  personnel;
  • coordinating implementation of the Ship Security Plan with the Company Security Officer and the relevant designated representative on behalf of the waterfront facility;
  • ensuring that security equipment onboard the ship, or equipment associated with the security of the ship, is properly operated, tested, calibrated and maintained;
  • reviewing and completing a Declaration of Security checklist.

The legislation does not actually specify which individual must be designated as Ship Security Officer.  It is left to each company to establish their own policy, by which appropriately trained Officers are assigned to the position.