5.5 Monitoring of Embarkation of persons and their effects

Prohibited weapons most commonly find their way onto a ship by being carried on board by embarking personnel. Here follows some examples of security measures to take at different security levels:

  • SECURITY Level 1:  Verify the reason for personnel seeking access to the vessel by checking tickets, boarding passes, work orders or ID cards.  Positively identify crewmembers, passengers, vendors, dock- workers and authorized visitors prior to each embarkation.  New crewmembers should be cross-referenced with company on-signers information.  Body searches and the inspection of baggage for prohibited weapons, incendiaries and explosives should be carried out on a random basis.
  • SECURITY Level 2.  Same as SECURITY Level 1, but with an increased inspection frequency on embarking persons. 
  • SECURITY Level 3.  Same as SECURITY Level 2, but all embarking persons must be inspected and all persons except crewmembers must be escorted when onboard.