Проверка сертификатов

Проверка сертификатов

Сертификаты, выданные Центром подготовки моряков АВАНТ, в любой момент можно проверить на подлинность.

На каждом сертификате нанесён уникальный QR-код, который при проверке онлайн покажет подлинность сертификата.

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Medical First Aid

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The objectives of the CBT as a training module are:

  • to help you understand why and how first-aid techniques work.
  • to give you the knowledge to evaluate injured and sick personnel
  • to give the treatment necessary to the casualty until the arrival of more qualified personnel

NOTE: This training module covering all theoretically aspects of STCW A-VI/1-3 & A-VI/4-1 competence standards. 

To satisfy the convention for familiarisation in Medical first aid, the crewmember must accomplish training at an approved training centre.

Estimated time to be used in this module is approximately 90 minutes.