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Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers what is it and how to pass it?

тест Marlins для моряків

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The Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers is a specialized test developed by Marlins to assess the language skills of seafarers in the context of the maritime industry. The Marlins test tests seafarers’ ability to communicate effectively in English, using terminology and phrases related to their professional duties and the situations they encounter on board ship. 

It is the most popular test for seafarers, on par with the CES test. While the CES test tests a seafarer’s professional skills and qualifications, the Marlins test focuses on basic and specialized English. The questions are composed of different complexity and topics on maritime terminology. 

The initial pass rate for the Marlins test is 65%, but most companies require a higher score. Without Marlins certificate it is almost impossible to get a job in the maritime field on foreign ships. Marlins certificate of international standard is issued. The ideal test score is 85% and above.

The most important aspect is the English listening comprehension test. Even if you pass the test with 85% and above, but get a low score in the Listening module, the shipping company will refuse to hire you. 

You can take the Marlins test at the company you wish to be employed by. But you will not receive an official certificate. And at the next employment you will have to pass the Marlins test again. Therefore, it is advisable to take the test in licensed centers.

What modules are included in the Marlins Test?

The Marlins Test for Mariners includes various modules that assess different aspects of language and professional communication in a maritime environment.

Some of the modules that are included in this test are:

  • Listening – 25 questions.

Sailors are given audio recordings related to maritime topics and tasks that test their listening comprehension of English speech.

  • Grammar – 30 questions.

This exam tests their understanding of grammatical sentence structure, sentence structure and tenses. 

  • Vocabulary – 15 questions

The questions focus on maritime terms, common everyday words and the extent of a sailor’s vocabulary.

  • Time and numbers – 5 questions.

The correct choice of numbers (time) according to what is heard is tested. 

  • Reading – 1 text, 6 questions.

This module includes reading texts and tasks related to professional aspects of maritime work, such as safety rules, navigation, etc.

The time to complete the test is 60 minutes. The total number of tasks is 85. The questions are selected randomly from the common test base. Therefore, when you retake the test, you will get different tasks.  

The Marlins test is widely used by companies and maritime educational institutions to assess the knowledge of seafarers before employment or promotion. The results of the test can help determine a seafarer’s level of training and his or her ability to perform his or her duties on board a ship.

How do I prepare for the Marlins Test?

In order to pass the Marlins test, you need careful preparation. In most cases, it is necessary to attend English for Seafarers courses or to study the material together with a tutor. In addition, there are many different videos and services to test your knowledge of English on the Marlins Test. They will allow you to understand in which modules the sailor makes mistakes and what you need to pay attention to. Marlins test practice will allow you to sharpen your knowledge of English. 

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