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Who gets a seafarer’s service record?


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A seafarer’s service record book, also known as a sea book or seaman’s sea book, is an official document that records all the details of a seafarer’s service on a ship or in a maritime organisation. It is a kind of seafarers’ employment record book and every maritime professional needs one.

A seafarer’s service record book usually contains the following information:

  • Seafarer’s personal data: full name, date and place of birth, nationality and other identification data.
  • Information on qualifications and education: maritime speciality, licences and certificates obtained.
  • Service history: list of ships on which the seafarer has worked, indicating periods of service and positions held.
  • Records of tasks and duties performed, special skills and work experience.
  • Records of education, training, courses and other professional programmes.
  • Additional marks such as awards, letters of commendation or disciplinary actions received during service.

The seafarer’s service record is an important document when you are employed by a maritime organisation or transferring to a new ship. It is required as soon as you are hired for your first job, so it is part of your starting documents for going to sea. It has no expiry date and entries are made as long as there are blank pages. It is then exchanged for a new one. 

The service record confirms the experience, maritime experience, professionalism and qualifications of a maritime specialist. Based on the experience gained, you can apply for the rank of captain, officer, etc. 

For each rank the set of documents and the required length of service is different. 

The specialists of the Seafarers Training Centre “Avant” provide full information, advice and documentary support on the desired position. 

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Why do I need a seaman’s service record book?

A seafarer’s service record book has several important purposes:

  1. Documentation of length of service and qualifications.

A seafarer’s service record book serves as an important document that records a seafarer’s length of service, qualifications, experience, specialisation and skills. Seniority is the basis for a seafarer to be hired by a shipping company, to be awarded titles, certificates, etc. 

Based on the length of service in the record book, crewing companies select jobs for maritime specialists. 

  1. Information for the seafarer.

The maritime record book contains information about the completion of education, training, courses and other professional programmes. This allows a maritime professional to track his or her professional growth, develop skills, and plan for future careers.

  1. Documentation for safety on board a vessel.

In the event of an incident or accident on ships, the sea-book serves as a document to investigate and analyse the incident. It may contain information about the seafarer’s performance of duties and compliance with safety requirements.

What documents do I need to apply for a seafarer’s record book?

In order to obtain a maritime record book, you need to collect a package of documents:

  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine with a residence page and identification code;
  • Certificate or diploma confirming qualification (working documents);
  • Seafarer’s identity certificate;
  • 2 photos, size 3×4 cm.

Cost and place of registration of the service record book 

Nowadays the sea record book is obtained independently, using the electronic office of the seafarer. In the personal cabinet an application for a record book is made. The paid application is sent for consideration.  

The official term of consideration of the application for the service record book is 10-20 days. The price of the service is 996 UAH + commission. The document comes to the address (or to the branch of the New Post) noted in the application. 

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