Certificate verification

Certificate verification

Certificates issued by the AVANT Seafarers Training Center can be checked for authenticity at any time.

Each certificate has a unique QR code, which, when checked online, will show the authenticity of the certificate.


What is document verification?

верифікація документів

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Document verification is a procedure for verifying the authenticity and validity of documents against laws, regulations or established standards. Verification is performed to confirm that the submitted documents are real, authentic and meet the established criteria. Various certificates, licenses, passports, medical statements, photographs and other documents certifying the qualifications and identity of maritime professionals are subject to verification.

It is important to note that verification of documents when obtaining permission to travel abroad and in the electronic office of the seafarer is not the same. 

When verifying for traveling abroad, seafarers need to collect a package of documents, which depends on the category of seafarers (cadets for internship; seafarers as part of the crew of a vessel, voyaging to/from ports of Ukraine, or other maritime specialists working as part of the crew of sea vessels or on inland waterway vessels). 

For all categories it is necessary to prepare identity card, military registration documents and confirmation from the Administration. 

How to send documents for verification in the Seafarer’s Office?

The Electronic Seafarer’s Cabinet is used for confirmation and actualization of personal data and professional documents of maritime specialists in electronic form. Documents are sent for verification in the mobile application.

In general terms, the process is as follows:

  1. Register or log in to your e-cabinet. If you have an account in the Sailor’s Office, log in to it. If not, register and create your account.
  2. Go to the “Document Verification” or similar category. Inside your account, find the section that is responsible for uploading and verifying your documents. It may be called “Document Verification”, “Document Upload” or similar.
  3. Upload scans or photos of your documents in the specified format. Make sure the documents are clearly visible and readable, and meet the platform requirements.
  4. Once all required documents have been uploaded, confirm the upload.

You will usually be prompted to confirm the submission and proceed with the confirmation.

It is important to follow the instructions and help provided to you inside the seafarer’s e-cabinet. If you have any questions or difficulties in uploading or sending scans, please contact Avant Seafarers Training Center for professional assistance. Our specialists are always on call to advise you on any questions you may have!

How long does it take to verify maritime documents?

On average, verification can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Confirmation of an academic credential takes about 30 working days. Sometimes, especially if additional review or reissuance of documents is required, the verification takes longer.

What are the requirements for maritime documents for positive verification?

For verification in the seafarer’s office, the document requirements have strict criteria. One of the main aspects is a photograph, which must show the seafarer against a white background, wearing a white shirt and tie. The photograph must be current, taken within one month of the date of application. It is recommended to apply to specialized photo studios where you can get a high-quality photo with proper lighting.

One of the important aspects is a high-quality scan copy of the passport. It is important to provide the first spread of the passport with clear details. Special attention should be paid to the correct spelling of first and last name in Ukrainian and English in accordance with the passport data. Incorrect spelling can make the document invalid, which will cause undesirable problems.

If necessary, contact Avant Marine Training Center. The company will provide you with professional assistance, explaining all the subtleties of submitting the necessary documents. This will help to pass verification quickly and without unnecessary difficulties, and the seafarer will be able to save his time and money, ensuring successful completion of the procedure.