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GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000 by TRANSAS

GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000 by TRANSAS is a high-tech simulator designed for training and drilling seafarers in the use of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). The simulator is intended to imitate the operation of real radio systems and allows for the modeling of various scenarios that may occur in the maritime environment. The training process using this simulator covers a wide range of tasks related to the operation of GMDSS equipment, including working with VHF DSC, MF/HF, and Inmarsat satellite communication systems. Trainees gain practical experience in conditions as close to real as possible, which helps them better absorb knowledge and skills.

TRANSAS TGS 5000 GMDSS Simulator is a simulator. A simulator is a device or program that models real systems or processes with a high degree of accuracy. It is used to create a virtual environment where real conditions and scenarios can be replicated for training, testing, and drilling. The simulator allows the simulation of various parameters, such as time of day, weather conditions, various emergencies, and much more. Unlike trainers, which often represent physical devices or installations.

Training Goals and Purpose

The main goals of training on the TRANSAS TGS 5000 are:

• Preparing seafarers for the effective use of GMDSS equipment in different maritime zones (A1, A2, A3, A4).

• Training in emergency response methods and effective rescue operations.

• Certifying radio operators to obtain the General Operator Certificate (GOC) and Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC).

The simulator is designed to create conditions that allow seafarers and radio operators to safely and effectively manage radio communications in maritime emergency situations. It is used to train the skills needed to ensure the safety of ships and crews, as well as to coordinate with shore services and other vessels.

Simulator Functionality

TRANSAS TGS 5000 has a wide range of features:

• Support for various types of equipment: The simulator supports working with VHF DSC, MF/HF transceivers, and Inmarsat satellite systems, as well as EPIRB, SART, and NAVTEX systems.

• Modeling real scenarios: The ability to model various scenarios, including loss of communication, accidents, and rescue operations.

• Flexibility in training: The simulator supports both individual training and group sessions in network mode, which allows training to be adapted to different needs.

• Compliance with international standards: It meets the requirements of IMO and STCW 2010, making it suitable for official certification of radio operators.

Specialized Training on the Simulator

Specialized training programs are provided for certain categories of professionals, including:

• Advanced training for captains: Training in emergency scenarios that require coordination with shore services and other vessels.

• Courses for coast station operators: Training in interacting with ships and managing emergency situations through GMDSS communication systems.

• Courses for educational institutions: Programs adapted for training maritime academy cadets, preparing them for work on ships and successfully passing certification.

Integration Capabilities

TRANSAS TGS 5000 GMDSS Simulator can be integrated with other maritime simulators, such as navigational simulators and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) systems, allowing for comprehensive training scenarios and improving the quality of training.

Standards Compliance

TRANSAS TGS 5000 GMDSS Simulator fully complies with international standards, including:

• IMO Model Course 1.25: Complies with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization for training radio operators.

• STCW 2010: Ensures compliance with standards for training, certification, and watchkeeping for seafarers.

• DNV Certification: The simulator has been approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as a “Class A” radio communication simulator, confirming its suitability for certification and training.


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