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Training Ship

Training Ship «AVANT»

Training Ship «AVANT» — TS

The Training Ship (TS) “AVANT” is a specialized training complex equipped for the education and preparation of ship personnel. The complex includes various training devices and modules designed for practicing skills in ship survivability and sea survival. TS “AVANT” provides seafarers with the opportunity to practice in conditions as close as possible to real maritime operations and emergency situations, ensuring high efficiency in training and preparation.

Training Objectives

The main objective of the Training Ship “AVANT” is to provide cadets and active seafarers with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to ensure safety on the ship and successfully handle various emergency situations. The training is aimed at:

• Developing rescue and first aid skills.

• Preparing for actions in case of fire on the ship.

• Teaching the correct use of lifesaving equipment and tools.

• Practicing evacuation procedures and ship survivability.

• Familiarizing with technical maintenance and repair of ship equipment.

Target Audience

The Training Ship “AVANT” is intended for:

• Cadets of maritime educational institutions preparing for work on maritime vessels.

• Active seafarers who need to undergo advanced training courses and acquire additional skills.

• Ship personnel responsible for safety and emergency rescue operations on board.

• Occupational health and safety specialists working in the maritime industry.


The Training Ship “AVANT” is equipped with everything necessary for comprehensive training and preparation of ship personnel:

• Lifeboat Launch and Retrieval Trainer: Provides practical training in the safe use of lifeboats.

• Fire Maze with Artificial Smoke: Used to practice search and rescue skills in conditions of limited visibility and heavy smoke.

• Helicopter Cabin: Designed for training actions during helicopter evacuation and providing assistance to victims.

• Deck Equipment: Equipment for practical training in working with ship mechanisms and systems.

• Engine Room: Allows practicing technical maintenance and repair skills for ship systems and equipment.

• Liferaft Launching into Water: Training in the safe and effective use of liferafts in case of evacuation.

• Fire Pump for Water Supply to Fire Main: Used for training actions during firefighting on the ship.

Compliance with Standards

The Training Ship “AVANT” fully complies with international standards and requirements for the training of maritime personnel. Training is conducted in accordance with:

• Chapter VI of the STCW-78 Convention, as amended.

• Chapter XI-2 of the SOLAS-74 Convention, as amended.

• The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Upon successful completion of the training courses, participants receive state-issued certificates in the following programs:

• Basic Safety Training for Seafarers (Section A-VI/1, Tables A-VI/1-1, A-VI/1-2, A-VI/1-3, A-VI/1-4).

• Advanced Firefighting (Section A-VI/3, Table A-VI/3).

• Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats (Section A-VI/2, Table A-VI/2-1).

TS “AVANT” provides the opportunity to receive high-quality and modern training that meets all current international standards and safety requirements at sea.


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