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Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator LCHS 5000 by TRANSAS

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator LCHS 5000 by TRANSAS is a specialized simulator for training and educating maritime professionals working with liquid cargoes. The simulator’s high-tech platform allows for the modeling of loading, unloading, and handling processes for various types of liquid cargoes, including oil, petroleum products, chemicals, and liquefied gases.

Utilizing advanced technologies, the simulator creates a realistic and interactive learning environment where trainees can manage cargo operations in conditions that closely resemble real-life scenarios. It provides detailed modeling of ship systems, such as ballast management, inert gas systems, and fire suppression systems, and allows for training in emergency situations.

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator LCHS 5000 is a simulator, not just a trainer. It is important to understand the difference between a trainer and a simulator. A trainer is a device or program designed to teach specific skills, often not fully modeling the real environment or scenarios. A simulator, on the other hand, is a more complex system that not only teaches skills but also mimics the real working environment and scenarios. Simulators are used for modeling complex processes and situations, providing full immersion and realistic training.

Main Training Goals on LCHS 5000

• Developing safe handling skills for liquid cargoes: Training in the procedures for loading, unloading, and storing various types of liquid cargoes.

• Improving resource management and crew coordination: Practicing interactions between crew members and shore services, including terminals and other vessels.

• Preparing for emergency situations: Training actions in case of leaks, fires, and other emergency situations.

• Certification and qualification enhancement: Ensuring compliance with international training and certification standards such as STCW and MARPOL.

LCH 5000: Key Features

• Modeling various types of ships and cargoes: Supports parameter settings for different types of tankers, including oil, chemical, LNG, and LPG tankers.

• Interactive training and emergency scenarios: Includes realistic scenarios for practicing emergency situations and resource management.

• Integration with other systems: Supports interaction with other simulators, such as engine room and navigation simulators, to create comprehensive training programs.

Specialized Training on the Simulator

Specialized training on the LCHS 5000 simulator focuses on practicing unique and complex operations that require specific knowledge and skills not found in standard training courses. Training includes unique scenarios and tasks that match real operating conditions, teaching problem-solving and effective risk management.

• LNG and LPG management courses: Include training on the specifics of working with liquefied gases and their transportation features.

• Emergency response programs: Training actions in emergency situations, including leaks, fires, and equipment failures.

Compliance with International Standards and Requirements

• STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers): Standards regulating the training and certification of seafarers.

• MARPOL (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships): An international convention regulating the prevention of marine pollution from ships.

• ISO 9001 and 14001: Quality and environmental management standards confirming compliance with high requirements in the field of management and environmental protection.


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