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Navi-Trainer Professional NTPro 5000

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Navi-Trainer Professional NTPro 5000 simulator by TRANSAS

The Navi-Trainer Professional NTPro 5000 simulator by TRANSAS is designed for training and educating maritime specialists in conditions that are as close to real-life as possible. The system provides realistic simulation of a wide range of navigational conditions, allowing users to practice skills in ship handling, mooring, towing, executing rescue operations, and other navigational tasks.

For the TRANSAS Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 system, it is more appropriate to use the term “simulator.” This term emphasizes its use for practical training and skills development in realistic conditions. NTPro 5000 is not just a simulator, as a simulator is often associated with software that models processes or situations, whereas a simulator includes both hardware and software, providing comprehensive training.

Training Goals

• Development of Professional Skills: Improving ship handling skills in various conditions, including extreme situations and emergency modes.

• Practicing Standard Procedures: Reinforcing standard operational procedures and maritime navigation rules.

• Enhancing Safety: Training methods for ensuring maritime safety and accident prevention.

• Exam Preparation: Preparing for certification exams and competency checks according to international standards.


1. Realistic Simulation: High-quality visualizations of 3D models of ships, ports, and various maritime objects, accurately replicating navigational conditions.

2. Navigational Tools: A full set of navigational tools, including radars, echo sounders, electronic charts, and automatic identification systems (AIS).

3. Scenario Flexibility: The ability to create and edit scenarios with various sailing conditions, weather conditions, and situations.

4. Joint Exercises: The ability to conduct joint training with other simulators, including propulsion control systems and shore-based systems. Support for training multiple teams simultaneously with the possibility of interaction between them.

5. Analysis and Reporting: Recording and subsequent analysis of completed exercises to assess trainees’ actions and generate reports.

Special Exercises

• Mooring: Training actions for mooring ships to various types of piers and docks.

• Towing: Training methods for towing and interaction with tugs in various conditions.

• Search and Rescue Operations: Practicing search and rescue procedures at sea, including interaction with helicopters and rescue services.

• Ice Navigation: Training ship handling in ice conditions and interaction with icebreakers.

• Fishing Operations: Simulating and practicing various types of fishing activities, including setting trawls and purse seines.

Compliance with Standards

The NTPro 5000 simulator meets international standards for the training and certification of seafarers established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) Convention. The system is approved and certified by leading classification societies, confirming its high level and compliance with professional requirements.


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