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Engine Room Simulator ERS 5000 by TRANSAS

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Training Ship «AVANT»

Engine Room Simulator ERS 5000 by TRANSAS

Engine Room Simulator ERS 5000 by TRANSAS is a high-tech simulator designed for training and practicing ship personnel in the management of marine power plants. This simulator provides users with the ability to interact with models of various ship systems in real and emergency situations, allowing them to practice skills and gain experience in conditions as close to reality as possible.

The simulator allows modeling the operation of diesel, steam, and gas turbine units, as well as ship electrical systems. Users can operate these systems, diagnose and fix malfunctions, and respond to various emergency situations. It provides interactive training using modern tools for monitoring and analyzing trainee actions, contributing to a deep understanding of ship systems and improving the level of professional training.

Engine Room Simulator ERS 5000 is precisely a simulator, not a trainer, as it is designed to create realistic conditions where users can practice managing and maintaining marine power plants. The simulator models the operation of various types of power plants and their components, allowing trainees to develop and practice skills in both everyday and emergency situations in a safe virtual environment. It more accurately reproduces complex and dynamic systems, distinguishing it from a trainer, which is usually intended for performing specific tasks or exercises.

Training Objectives on the Simulator

The main training objectives on the TRANSAS ERS 5000 TechSim simulator are:

• Developing skills in managing marine power plants: Trainees master the principles of different ship systems and learn to manage them effectively in everyday operations and emergency situations.

• Preparing for work in emergency situations: The simulator allows modeling various emergency situations, giving trainees the opportunity to practice response skills and decision-making under high stress and load.

• Improving qualifications and certification: The simulator is used to enhance the qualifications of ship personnel and prepare for certification in accordance with international standards such as STCW.

Purpose of the Simulator

The TRANSAS ERS 5000 TechSim simulator is intended for:

• Training marine engineers and mechanics (Marine Engineers and Mechanics), responsible for the operation and maintenance of ship power plants.

• Training electro-technical officers (Electro-Technical Officers), engaged in the management and maintenance of ship electrical equipment.

• Training engine room officers (Engine Room Officers), including senior and watch engineers, to ensure the safety and efficiency of ship operations.

• Training cadets of maritime educational institutions (Maritime Cadets), who study the basics of the operation and management of ship systems.

Simulator Functionality

The TRANSAS ERS 5000 TechSim simulator has the following functionalities:

• Modeling various types of ships and power systems: Supports the modeling of different types of ships, including tankers, container ships, and passenger ships, and provides training on various power systems such as diesel, steam, and gas turbine units.

• Interactive training with feedback: The simulator provides detailed feedback on trainee actions, allowing effective monitoring of progress and adjustment of the training process.

• Support for resource management training: Offers opportunities for practicing ship resource management, including emission control and fuel optimization.

Specialized Training on the Simulator

In addition to basic training, the TRANSAS ERS 5000 TechSim simulator offers specialized programs for:

• Training in emergency response: Special courses aimed at preparing ship personnel to respond to emergency situations such as fuel leaks, electrical equipment failures, and system overheating.

• Training in working with ship electrical equipment: Courses for electro-technical officers that include training in the management and maintenance of ship electrical systems and fault diagnostics.

Innovative Training Opportunities

The TRANSAS ERS 5000 TechSim simulator offers opportunities for implementing innovative training methods such as the use of 3D visualization and animation to create a more realistic training experience. This allows trainees to gain a deeper understanding of ship systems and improve their skills in conditions close to reality.

Compliance with Simulator Standards

The TRANSAS ERS 5000 TechSim simulator fully complies with international standards such as:

• STCW (International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers): The simulator ensures the training and certification of ship personnel in accordance with international standards, guaranteeing high-quality training.

• ISO: Compliance with ISO standards in the field of training and practice of ship personnel, confirming the high quality of the simulator and its compliance with international requirements.


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