Certificate verification

Certificate verification

Certificates issued by the AVANT Seafarers Training Center can be checked for authenticity at any time.

Each certificate has a unique QR code, which, when checked online, will show the authenticity of the certificate.


What is a seafarer’s passport and what is it for?

What is a Sailor Passport and Why You Need One | AVANT

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A seafarer’s passport (seafarer’s identity card) is the main document issued by the state to a seafarer, confirming his identity and qualifications. It is compulsory for all seafarers regardless of their position (except for military ships). It enables them to work legally on the ships of Ukrainian and foreign companies.

The Identity Card contains information about the seafarer: full name, photograph, date and place of birth, nationality, employment details, position and voyage description. Also in some cases information on specialization and qualified types of work on certain types of vessels is mentioned.

In Ukraine the identity card is issued by special authorities – seaport administrations (Nikolaev, Odessa, Izmail, etc) and State Enterprise “Morrichservice”. The sailor’s passport is issued for 5 years with a right of single prolongation. The certificate is also renewed for 5 years. The next time it is to be replaced. The procedure for issuing a sailor’s passport varies from country to country, but in general it is an integral part of documentation and an important document for every seafarer. 

In the Mariners Training Center “AVANT” it is possible to issue Panamanian sailor’s passport and Commonwealth of Dominica passport as part of a complete set of documents, which are issued after passing the course for 1-2 weeks.

Who can get a Ukrainian seaman’s passport?

The process of obtaining a seaman’s identity card is stipulated for the following groups of population:

  • cadets of maritime specialties (a certificate of training is required);
  • seafarers with a permit to work at sea (a work diploma or a certificate of qualification is required);
  • ship’s attendants (a certificate of worker qualification is required).

Working diploma (Certificate of Competency) allows a seafarer to occupy a certain maritime position. If you do not have a working certificate, you can get a maritime profession, as well as obtain all the necessary documents for sailing in the Training Center “Avant” by taking specialized courses. See the full list of maritime certificates issued by the “AVANT” center on the page.

How to get a new seaman’s passport?

The main task of graduates and employees of maritime professions is to obtain a new seaman’s passport. A seaport master issues, extends and replaces the certificate.

The order of obtaining a document is conditionally divided into stages:

  1. Training and obtaining a maritime qualification. 

Before applying, you need to undergo appropriate maritime training and obtain the necessary qualifications. This usually includes taking courses, training and medical examinations, as well as obtaining necessary certificates, such as Basic Safety Training, Medical First Aid certificate and others.

  1. Collection and processing of documents. 

After completing the training, if you have the required certificates, you need to fill out an application for a Seafarer’s Identity Card and collect the package of documents (listed below). Then, after payment, it will be reviewed and processed by the relevant authorities.

  1. Issuance of seaman’s passport. 

Application is processed within 7 (urgent) and 20 working days. After positive consideration of the application and examination of submitted documents, you receive a seaman’s passport. 

More detailed information on the nuances of issuing maritime documents of Ukraine and other countries (Panama, Dominica, Liberia, USA, etc.) is provided by consultants of MTC “AVANT”.

What documents are required to obtain a seaman’s passport in Ukraine?

  • Application for a seaman’s identity card (to be filled out in Ukrainian);
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine (in case of absence: foreigner’s identity card, residence permit);
  • Documents confirming education and professional training (maritime school diploma, training course certificates, training completion certificates, documents confirming vessel employment etc);
  • 2 photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm);
  • Payment receipt with a note on payment of the service fee;
  • Additional information: You may need to provide, a certificate of name change, translation of pages of the foreigner’s passport into Ukrainian and other documents specified in the requirements.

How much does a seaman’s passport cost in Ukraine?

The cost of obtaining a seaman’s identity card is set by the state and amounts to:

  1. Urgent (up to 7 working days) – 0.4 of the living wage. At the moment of writing this article the fee is 1,035 UAH.
  2. Regular (up to 20 business days) – 0.2 of the living wage (518 UAH).

If you have any questions about the procedure of obtaining working documents and passing the course, please contact our specialists by phone +38 (048) 701-37-60 or e-mail: info@avant.od.ua.