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The Basic Safety Certificate (BSC) is one of the most important basic documents for voyages. It confirms that a seafarer has acquired the basic skills and knowledge of maritime safety. It is one of the certificates required by the International Convention on Standards of Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW).

The STCW certificate certifies that a seafarer has been trained and has successfully mastered the following basic skills:

  1. Fire safety: knowledge of fire prevention, use of fire extinguishers, fire fighting measures, evacuation organization, etc.
  2. Personal safety and first aid: knowledge of incident prevention measures, use of rescue equipment, first aid, accident prevention, etc.
  3. Maritime Survival: knowledge of the use of life-saving equipment, practical survival skills in extreme conditions, handling of watercraft, etc.

The certificate is required to work on passenger ships and tankers, it is one of the basic documents of a seafarer. Basic Safety Certificate is required for each crew member on international ships. It is also required to obtain a seafarer’s passport.

Obtaining an Basic Safety Certificate

The BSC certificate is issued after passing the courses, appropriate training. Training of seafarers is carried out by highly qualified specialists, seafarers with a long work experience – employees of the company “Avant”, in which now distance learning is available for seafarers located in other cities and countries. 

For obtaining practical skills by seafarers, the training vessel “AVANT” is used. 

The courses are developed according to the requirements of the Maritime Administration of Ukraine, the Academy of the American Bureau of Shipping, the Republic of Panama, the Republic of Liberia, the Republic of Marshall Islands.

Duration of classes – 31,5 hours of full course; 15,75 hours – short course.
The number of trainees is 25 persons.

Upon completion of the course, the seafarers will receive knowledge about:

  • fire safety and fire fighting;
  • first aid;
  • personal survival, the ability to use rescue equipment;
  • types of possible emergency situations at sea;
  • actions of seafarers in unforeseen situations;
  • algorithm of actions of each employee in case of an emergency situation;
  • ways of stopping the ship;
  • procedure for launching lifeboats; 
  • where the main rescue facilities are located and much more.

It is very easy to get marine certificates in Odessa and other cities of Ukraine – contact representatives of the company “AVANT”, who in the shortest possible time will help you to get the necessary documents and go on a voyage.

What documents are required to obtain an Basic Safety Certificate?

The following set of documents is approved for taking the courses and obtaining the BSC certificate:

  • Copy of civil passport;
  • Copy of the indication code; 
  • 2 photos 3×4 cm (requirements: white shirt, black tie, light background);
  • Copy of seafarer’s passport;
  • Copy of working diploma (or certificate);
  • Medical certificate.

Remote submission of documents is accepted. 
To specify the list of required documents and the start date of courses for obtaining the Basic Safety Certificate you can call +380487013760. 

Basic Safety Certificate prices

The price of the Basic Safety Certificate in Ukraine differs depending on the accompanying company. In the center “AVANT” on passing the courses and getting Basic Safety Certificate the minimum price is established – specify the cost at the current moment from the employees of the company.  

To receive additional information and also to enroll on a course “Familiarization, initial training and instruction on safety issues for all seafarers” (VI/1, A-VI/1, p.p.1,2), you can by phone +380487013760, or by writing to e-mail [email protected]

We will take care of timely receipt of all sea documents (sea certificates, certificates, seaman’s passport of Ukraine and other countries, working diploma, etc.).
The difference of the seafarers training center “AVANT” is an individual approach to each client and a guarantee of high quality services.