CES-тестирование для моряков

CES-test for seafarers (Crew Evaluation System)

The CES-test (or Crew Evaluation System) is an online maritime knowledge assessment tool used to determine the skills, competence and performance of seafarers on board ship. The CES-test is the second most popular test after the Maritime English proficiency test (Marlins test). CES was first

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Електронний кабінет моряка

Seafarer e-room

Seafarer’s e-room is a specialized online platform or system designed for seafarers to manage their professional documents, certificates and other important information related to their career in the maritime industry. The personal account is available only one per user, as when you register you provide

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верифікація документів

What is document verification?

Document verification is a procedure for verifying the authenticity and validity of documents against laws, regulations or established standards. Verification is performed to confirm that the submitted documents are real, authentic and meet the established criteria. Various certificates, licenses, passports, medical statements, photographs and other

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Як піти в рейс перший раз

How to go on a voyage for the first time?

Going on a sea voyage with no previous employment experience and immediately receiving a favorable offer is the dream of most future seafarers. They look forward to the future and already envision their first job. However, before realizing this dream, an important question arises: is

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